2 Secrets to Sell Anything: Carrots vs. Boobs

Question: What do toddlers have to do with marketing?

Answer: Everything!

Slice it any way you want, the most basic principle
of sales is simple: people don’t buy products, they buy…




Copywriting guru Robert W. Bly describes the fundamental difference between good copywriting and bad copywriting as features versus benefits.

People don’t buy features. People buy benefits.

Like the old adage goes: you don’t sell the drill; you sell the hole. Or, perhaps better, you sell the happiness your prospect’s family will feel when they see the shinny new photo of themselves hanging on the wall.

In other words, people don’t buy with their heads.

They buy with their hearts.

Bernadette Jiwa over at The Story of Telling puts it like

Medicine doesn’t sell cures, it sells trust. The lottery sells hope (it might be you) and many brands sell a promise of a better version of ourselves. Tiffany sells mattering, BootsnAll sells non-conformist adventure, Facebook sells belonging and Wholefoods sells nurturing and self-love.

You are not selling coffee,concert tickets, books, lipstick, yogurt, entertainment or information.

You’re selling a story. It’s never
been more important to know which one.

So, what’s all this got to do with toddlers?

Dr. Harvey Karp of The
Happiest Baby on the Block
and The
Happiest Toddler on the Block
fame calls it the Fast Food Rule:

The Fast Food Rule states that when two people are talking, whoever is most upset gets to speak first and her feelings must be acknowledged before the second person gets to “vent.” That’s why trying to “explain” to someone whose left brain is shut off why they shouldn’t feel the way they do almost always ends up with both people getting more upset! And, the more upset we get the more our ability to be sympathetic and reasonable falls apart. No wonder, anger often leads us into spirals of yelling and feeling uncared for and misunderstood.


Want to know how to start turning leads into customers, especially the “hard” sells?

Start treating ‘em like toddlers.


Two secrets:

1.  Don’t just address
the problems your product solves… address the emotions that go with the problems.

Does your product save people time.
Then don’t just sell ‘em on how efficient you’ll make ‘em.

Sell ‘em on how anxious and stressed they currently are and how calm and secure they’ll be afterwards. Use emotionally laden language. And above all, tell stories… emotional stories!

2. Start employing the Right-Left-Right Formula.

What’s that mean?

Keying off of Karp’s Fast Food Rule, start the sales process—whatever the widest point of the funnel is—with the right brain. This means going after the emotions first and foremost. Then, at the next stage, focus on the left brain. Here’s where all your facts, stats, data, and numbers come in. Then, when your lead is ready to move on—whatever your click-form of moving on might be—go back to the right brain.

The final nail in the buying coffin should always be relational never rational; emotional, not intellectual. That’s why testimonials and guarantees are so powerful at this stage.

Right Brain.

Left Brain.

Right Brain.

Who knew toddlers were such a profitable focus group?

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