Content is [Still] King

How To Start Your Own Killer Content Marketing Blog

Clichés are dangerous things.

“Less is more.”
  • “There’s a reason for everything.”
  • “One day at a time.”

Everyone has their favorite.

Problem is… what makes clichés so dangerous isn’t that they’re untrue. In fact, most times clichés are dangerous precisely because they are true. Painfully.

No. The real danger arises because despite their truth (or maybe even because of it), they’re incredibly hard to apply. Clichés are truisms that rarely serve well as practical advice.

Moving through 2013, the reigning Internet champ is clear:
“Content is [still] king.”

In fact, “content is king” is so cliché that it’s even becoming cliché to say it’s cliché. One prominent marketing blog recently went so far as to predict imminent onset of articles hailing the “death of content

Still (as that blog itself points out) like any good cliché, saying “it’s cliché” doesn’t make it any less true… or any more helpful.

“B2B marketing 2012” year-in-review
summarized the current “state of
B2B marketing” well:

“One topic stands out above the rest — content marketing.
Even case studies that focused on other channels, such as email marketing, often had a content marketing strategy at the heart of the effort.”

The question isn’t so much should you start producing content… but how?

The answer: start a blog.

Sound trite? It should.

But (and you probably saw this coming), that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

In a recent article—Why Every
Business Should Have a Blog
—Kristi Hines posed the question, “Should
Your Business Have a Blog?” Her answer was anything but ambiguous:

First off, you may be thinking that your business doesn’t need a blog. Here are [three] easy questions to ask yourself when deciding whether your business needs to be blogging.

1. Does your business have customers or potential customers?

2. Are your customers or potential customers online?

3. Do your customers or potential customers read online publications?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you can answer yes to whether your business needs a blog.

Makes sense, right? So…

Clichés aside, the real question is, “How?”

I’m glad you asked.

Over the next few weeks (as I launch my own content marketing
blog), I’ll be releasing a comprehensive and practical guide starting your own killer business blog.

Here’s a quick preview of what’s to come:

Step 1 – Why Blog? 5 Bottom-Line Reasons to Start Blogging as a Business

Step 2 – Identifying Your Audience

Step 3 – Defining Your Goals & Tracking Them

Step 4 – Creating an Editorial Calendar

Step 5 – A Crash Course on Coding Your Blog for Non-Coding People

Step 6 – An Introduction to Blogging SEO

Step 7 – Socializing Your Blog

Step 8 – Promoting Your Blog

Step 9 – Monetizing Your Blog… without Sounding Like a Used-Car Salesman

Step 10 – The Golden Rule of Blogging
Success: Just Keep Posting

In the meantime, remember…

It’s not whether you win or lose that counts. It’s how you
play the game.

Or something like that.

Want help getting started (or maintaing) your company’s blog? 


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