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aaronContent. Content. Content.

The world—and especially the world-wide-web—turns on content.

From commerce to collateral, branding to blogging, management to marketing, content makes the world go round. Fact is if you’re reading this, or rather, if you’re reading anything, anywhere, at any time, in any form, you’re experiencing content.

So, why is so much of it so bad?

The simple answer is investment.

Good content costs. Good content costs time, effort, and (of course) money. Or does it? The most valuable elements of any text are communicative clarity and rhetorical persuasion.

Is it clear? Does it sell?

A “no” to either question (and most content fails miserably at both) inevitably spells disaster.

In other words, it isn’t good content that costs… it’s bad.

My mission is simple: to save the world from bad content.

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